Content analysis

In today’s fast changing media environment, content requires daily, monthly and quarterly monitoring to assist with the management of reputation.

We are able to assist in monitoring and providing detailed analysis and recommendations based on the coverage. These reports are manual in nature, ensuring the reports are detailed and thorough.

Decoding your media coverage

mediaEQ uses reputable agencies to source daily monitoring of media coverage. These agencies source the coverage from a myriad of key print, online and broadcast media outlets in South Africa.

Such monitoring allows an organisation to be kept-to-date and of the issues of the day. More importantly, it allows them to be alerted to potential crises, and the organisation can manage the situation accordingly.

Our media analysis work is extensively influenced by Malcolm McCombs’ agenda setting theory, which is premised on the fact that the news presented on news platforms is a key influencer of public opinion.

Monthly and shorter interval high quality analysis enables the organisation to assimilate the coverage. Similarly, media analysis over a great period provides a benchmark for an issue or issues over an extended period.

Furthermore, it allows the organisation to assess the cumulative effect of the media coverage and social media.

Three measurements employed to gauge the media coverage are:
• Volume (frequency/count of articles and broadcast inserts & advertising value equivalent)
• Tone
• Issues.

We have a consummate understanding of higher education, as well as financial and development sectors.

Track Record